About Bolaki Intimate Wash

After enduring a lengthy hospital stay in which he couldn’t properly take care of his personal hygiene, Bolaki MD, Mark stepped into his shower and had his first wash in weeks.

That first shower felt incredible and Mark had never felt cleaner. Not only did he feel physically refreshed, but mentally revitalised, too. In that moment, he had the thought, “what if every shower could feel like this?”.

So, In 2017, Bolaki was born. Using a fresh, pH-balanced formula with refreshing mint and calming tea tree oil, Mark had successfully recreated that ‘first’ shower that he experienced after his hospital stay.

Since then, Mark has been on a mission to get men to care about their personal hygiene and help people experience that cleaner than clean feeling.  

Bolaki is not, and will never be tested on animals. In fact, our formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Bolaki - shower gel to go nuts for...